Sunday, May 13, 2012

Graduation: A toast to the always-already unknown

Okay, I have clearly been neglecting this blog! I guess mandatory writing and reading will do that to you...This past week we celebrated completing our MAs - 2 years of sweat, blood, and tears and now we are finally done. Graduation is, like so many other celebrations, a worthwhile yet incredibly inadequate ritual - it is a celebration of so much that it cannot capture. With graduation too come the inevitable goodbyes and new beginnings - fresh wounds and fresh starts. And so we begin again on a new path, not knowing exactly what waits around the next bend. It's funny how in my 20s I was sure in my 30s I would have it all figured out. Perhaps the me of my 20s would be disappointed to know that this is not the case, but the me of my 30s is thrilled it isn't! How boring would life be I had it all figured out? Life is worth living precisely because we will never have it all figured out - that's what makes life, well, life. Five years post-Bluffton, my life is nothing like I expected it to be - it's even better :) So, I guess I would say to all graduates at whatever stage in life, let's continue to chase new adventures and new lessons wherever we find them! Here is a toast to life, to learning, to never having it all figured out!

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